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Help to help paraphrases - High Quality Essay Service - Affordable Essays (Dissertations) Writing Services

Avoid plagiating

College courses are constantly engaged with the ideas of other people. You could read them in texts, listen in lectures, discuss them in class and integrate them into their own letter. It is important that you give credit in which credit is due.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiat is the ideas and words of other people without clearly confirming the source of this information. It may be intentional, but they could do it without even realizing it.

It can give serious consequences for plague, from the zero on a paper to a fully blown suit. But do not worry! We help you learn what needs to be quoted and how to avoid plagiarism.

To avoid plagiarism, you need to think whenever you have to:

  • use the idea, opinion or thought of another person.
  • Use all information that is not well known.
  • quote or rewrite the actual spoken or written words of another person.


Quote copies the exact words from a source. This is fine as long as you set quotes to the passage you quote, and properly quote the source.

  • quote markings around everything that comes directly from the text, especially when notes.
  • quote the source.


Paraphrasing meets a passage of a source in your own words. To be able to recognize the differences between acceptable and unacceptable paraphrases, helps you to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

  • do not simply arrange a few words or replace it.
  • read what you want to change carefully. You can cover up the text with your hand or close the text so you can not see any of them. Then the idea wrote in your own words without peeking.
  • Compare your description into the original text to ensure that you did not accidentally use the same phrases or words, and confirm that the information is accurate.

The examples below show how they should rewrite correctly. They are adapted to the plagiarism: What is it and how to recognize and avoid it through the writing tutorial services at Indiana University Bloomington with its gracious permit.

original text

The increase in industry, the growth of cities and the expansion of the population were the three major developments of the 19th century American history. Since new, larger, steam-powered factories became a feature of the American countryside in the East, they transformed the hands of the agricultural hands in industrial workers and delivered jobs for an increasing tide of immigrants. The industry was the urbanization of the growth of large cities (such as River, Massachusetts, where the borts lived), which became the centers of production as well as trade and trade.

-ar Page 1 of Lizzie Borden: A Family Family and Crime Case in the 1890s by Joyce Williams et al.

Example of an unacceptable paraphrasing

The increase in industry, the growth of the cities and the explosion of the population were three major factors of the 19th century America. When steam-faithful companies were visible in the eastern part of the country, they changed the hands of the factory workers in factory workers and delivered jobs for the big wave of immigrants. With the industry, growth of large cities came like case River, where the borders lived, developing in the centers of trade and trade as well as in production.

This example is plagiating because the writer:

  • has changed only a few words and phrases.
  • has changed only the order of the sets of the original.
  • not quoted the source.

It is also problematic because it changes the original meaning (eg alternating "steam-driven factories" to "steamer company").This would not necessarily be plagiarism, it's just no accurate paraphrase.

Example of acceptable paraphrasing

Fallen River, where the Borden family lived was typical of northeastern industrial cities of the 19th century. Steam-powered production had postponed the work from agriculture to manufacturing, and as immigrants came in the US, they found work in these new factories. As a result, the populations and major urban areas rose. The traps River was one of these manufacturing and business centers (Williams et al. 1).

This paraphrased example is not a plagiarism because the writer:

  • relays the information exactly in the original as he uses his own words.
  • quotes the source.

Example of paraphragenization with quotes

Fallen River, where the Borden family lived was typical of northeastern industrial cities of the 19th century. Since steam-powered production has shifted from agriculture from agriculture to manufacturing, demand for workers "agricultural hands in factory workers" changed and created jobs for immigrants. In turn, growing populations is increasing the size of urban areas. Fallen River was one of these manufacturing ratios, which were also "trade centers" (Williams 1).

This paraphrased example is not a plagiarism because the writer:

  • records the information exactly in the original passage.
  • shows which part is quoted with quotation marks.
  • quotes the source.


No matter whether you have to cite, summarize or quote, you need to quote your sources when you use research, words or ideas that are not your own. The only things you need to cite are information that is considered as common knowledge and own original research, words or ideas.

Make a bibliography at the end of your paper, which lists all sources used.

That's it! Information can be found in the links to learn how to quote your sources in different styles and manage them.

Quote as you take

Manage Your Quotations
Tools You can use your sources to collect, manage, and sharply.


Add the ideas of other loans
It is important to credit others if they use parts of their work. Fill out this tutorial to find out when and how you can best specify the work of work.

Other help

Think Tank Writing Center
Go to the writing center in The Think Tank to get help with the papers and writing.

Writing Competence Enhancement Program
Register for this program to plan tension sessions and improve their writing skills.

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