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Method vs. Methodology: Understanding the difference

Jan 22, 2018 В· Read 4 min

AS UX research practitioner, part of our work is spent, what explains what our work brings with it and how he positively influences the user.

An uncertain I see scientific colleagues and peculiar encounter is the semantic difference between "method" and "methodology". This is important because the use of the corresponding vocabulary to talk about your UX research practice trusted. It shows that they understand the nuances of terminology, and by extension it is knowledgeable in their area knowledgeable.

So - with a UX Meetup, or during and interview, should we say "I use several methods" or "I use several methods"?

should we say: "I use several methods" or "I use several methods"?

bot h could be correct. While "method" and "methodology" are closely linked, they serve different roles in the research process and should be treated accordingly. Let's talk about the distinction.

The difference between "Method" and "Methodology"


One method is just the tool that is used to answer your research questions - how, in short, you can bring your data to it. Examples of UX Research Methods include:

  • contextual request
  • Interview
  • Usability Study
  • Survey
  • Diary Study
  • cards sort

If you decide under these, you can say, "Which method should I use?" And contact one or more methods to answer your research question.


A methodology is the rational for the research approach and the lens through which the analysis occurs. Other way, a methodology describes the "general research strategy in which the way in which research is to be done" (an introduction to the philosophy of methodology, Howell 2013). The methodology should have an impact on which procedures (s) for research rest efforts are selected to produce the convincing data.

Examples of methods, courtesy of Elin Bjorling, comprise:

  • phenomenology: describes the "lived experience" of a specific phenomenon
  • Ethnography: explores the social world or culture, joint beliefs and behaviors
  • Participatory: Views the participants as active researchers
  • ethnomethodology: studied how people use dialogue and body language to create a worldview
  • grounding theory *: assumes an empty slate and uses an inductive approach to developing a new theory

* Despite the fact that Erding theory Theoret has in your name, do not let yourself be allowed - it's actually a methodology as it is aimed to generate theory of systematic application of research.

If you wanted to learn about the experiences, in the US, for example in the United States, you should use the phenomenology methodology - and from there you can choose from different methods to collect this data. For example, you run a contextual examination and a business with the participants. You could also interview a handful of participants and ask to tell their recent food buying experience. You could equally choose a survey and ask the same questions about hundreds of participants. Since the contextual examination receives the researcher much closer to the actual setting, the results can be as stronger and transferable in the future.

Examples of using "Method" and "Methodology"

If you work in the industry, it is likely that you usually talk about methods. Here you can use in context "Methods":

  • I try to decide between a context-dependent request or the participants for interviews .Which method would you choose while you choose costs, research time and usefulness of the data?
  • We want to have hard data with a large number of participants to answer this question, so we should choose a quantitative method, e.g. B. a survey collecting data with Likert scales.

If you work in the Academy and write research papers, you would like to consider, including a description of your methodology. The framing of your approach in industry, however, may also have many advantages. There are several examples of using "methodology":

  • the phenomenological -methodik was selected for this study on the experience of people who are in the low-income home in California, as the holistic living experiences covered possibilities for the state Your next low income implement residential project.
  • To create the brand new party board game, we have used the participatory methodological approach in our design research process. This enabled us to consider the social atmosphere and to consider the input from our participants in the development of gaming game and rules.

short -

Questions if you describe how to capture your data (method), or if it is the broader strategy for your research approach (methodology). With a methodology, you can use different methods to support or reject the research hypothesis. For industry practitioners, they usually talk about methods. For the academic, you may speak both about the frame methodology as well as for the methods used to achieve your research goals.

If you have enjoyed this article, you feel free to help others to help others find it.

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